How To Remove Moss From Roofing Tiles?

How To Remove Moss From Roofing Tiles?

In humid regions, moss and plant matter can often build up on roof tiles & shingles, leading to an aesthetic phenomenon of mossy roofs. While outwardly beautiful, your roof might experience integrity issues with time & require roof moss removal.  

Unless the roof has been reinforced to support the aesthetic mossy look, failing to remove moss from your roof can cause water damage and a roof collapse.

In this blog post, Titan Restoration & Construction will discuss how to remove moss from your roof and better the roof using various methods.

Why is Moss Bad for my Roof?

There is a good possibility that your roof faces north if moss grows there. Typically, a north-facing roof receives less sunshine, encouraging mossy roofs. Moss may spread very fast and will fill in any gaps between roof tiles, raising slates, and tiles.

Unless the design intent is to encourage moss growth, the moss can penetrate the roof layers & open the attic to rain leaks, which can cause the slate & shingles to shift. Rot and decay begin to set in when rain penetrates the roofing framework.

How Do We Remove Moss And Plant Matter From Roofing Stone Tiles?

Method 01: Scrapping

Using portable tools to brush and scrape away the moss from your roof is one of the most efficient chemical-free methods. You can use various tools, such as a long-handled brush, scrapers, or trowels. Work carefully and only cross your roof tiles when essential. It’s crucial to be careful while removing moss by hand to protect the coating on your tiles.

Method 02: Washing with a hose pipe

You can remove small areas of moss that haven’t been deeply embedded into your roof with a hose pipe if they are still in the early stages. Most garden hoses’ moderate pressure should be sufficient to remove early moss, which hasn’t yet gotten into your roof tiles. However, even the smallest piece of a root can quickly turn into moss once again; therefore, while cleaning your roof, it’s imperative to get rid of all traces. No matter the issue, you shouldn’t use a power washer since it might harm your roof tiles.

Method 03:  Use of fungicide

If you have a significant moss problem, using a fungicide is an effective way to remove it. Fungicides are available in most hardware stores and can be sprayed directly onto mossy roofs.

After applying the fungicide, wait until the moss turns brown and gently brush it off with a broom. Keep in mind that fungicides contain harmful chemicals, so follow the instructions on the label and take all necessary safety precautions.

What Can I Do to Prevent Moss?

Once you remove moss from your roof tiles, you must take precautions to keep it from growing again.

Moss thrives in shady, humid areas, so keeping your roof clear of trees and other vegetation can help discourage its growth. In addition, making sure your gutters are clean and free of debris can also help prevent moss from growing on your roof. Finally, regularly cleaning your roof with a solution of bleach and water can also help keep moss at bay.

These simple steps can help keep your roof free of moss for years to come.

If you have any questions about removing moss from your roof or preventing its growth, consult with Titan Restoration & Construction in Minnesota. We provide a variety of maintenance plans, including “at cost” pricing, regular maintenance, and inspections.

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