10 Qualities Of An Experienced General Contractor

10 Qualities Of An Experienced General Contractor

Key Takeaways:

– General contractors are essential for home and business owners who want to improve their property

– General contractors have a wide range of responsibilities, from inspections to project management

– A good general contractor will be experienced, detail-oriented, and have a strong network of subcontractors

– Communication is critical when working with a general contractor – ensure you are on the same page before starting any project!

You want nothing but the best for your home renovation project. That’s why you’re searching for an experienced general contractor who will do the job correctly. But how do we know what qualities should look for in a general contractor? The question remains at the onset of any significant home repair or construction project: How can I find a good contractor?

Let Titan Restoration & Construction explain the qualities of an experienced general contractor.

1. License and Insurance

If a legal issue or an accident occurs, you will not have to worry about a thing if your general contractor is licensed and insured.

This means that your contractor has undergone the necessary training and vetting process to operate legally. Furthermore, their insurance policy will act as a safety net if something happens during the project.

2. General Contractors Provide Transparent Pricing

An obvious red flag is when a contractor begins to avoid answering your questions regarding pricing.

You have the right to know how much a project will cost before making any commitment. Furthermore, a good contractor will be more than happy to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the pricing. Through this, you can understand how your money will be spent.

3. Their Communication is Timely and Effective

Your construction project doesn’t just happen overnight. Many moving parts are involved in it, which means that communication is key to ensuring everyone is on the same page.

A good contractor will consistently communicate with you, updating you on the project’s progress and addressing any concerns you may have.

If you struggle to get ahold of your contractor or not getting timely updates, it’s a red flag that you may want to consider finding a new one.

4. General Contractors Provide Thorough Account of Work

A thorough description involves all the relevant information you need to know about the contractor’s plan for your project and a breakdown of the estimated costs. The description will help you understand what you’re paying for and avoid surprises down the road. Suppose you have any questions about the numbers.

In that case, you can ask your licensed general contractor for a more itemized estimate. However, if you struggle to comprehend what you’re being told or the contractor seems elusive, it may be a sign that they’re not as experienced as you’d like.

5. Trustful and Guaranteed Work

Your general contractor should be up-front and honest about their qualifications, process, and fees. One of which means providing you with a guarantee and warranty for their quality.

Remember, you’re spending your hard earned money and entrusting your home to these strangers. The last thing you want is to be left with a half-finished home and an empty wallet. In more severe cases, such as when you take an extensive roof restoration, you may need to ask for a bond.

6. Mechanics Lien Waiver

Mechanic’s lien waiver protects you from being held liable for any subcontractor or material fees if your contractor does not pay them. The contractor’s relationship with subcontractors is vital because if the subcontractor isn’t paid, they may file a mechanic’s lien on your property to receive compensation for the product or services provided.

A licensed general contractor can prevent subcontractors from putting a lien on your property by giving them a signed lien release or waiver. This will help avoid any delays in the construction process.

7. General Contractors Provide Signed Legal Documents

when you end up with the wrong contractor, they will take your money and run without finishing the job. They may perform poorly or make you suffer with several change orders.

A licensed general contractor will always provide you with a written contract outlining the work to be completed, the materials used, the start and completion date, and the price. And when we say “written,” it goes beyond a signed contract and involves a legal document that both parties can rely on.

8. They Have a Can-Do Attitude

The best general contractors have a can-do attitude and are always willing to take on new challenges. You can see how they deal with their clients and manage their teams. Any kind of work is possible with the right contractor by your side.

9. They Come With Good Reviews

The best way to find a reputable general contractor is by looking at what their past clients say about them. If you see many good reviews, that’s a good sign that you can expect the same. You can read online reviews and navigate their website to see what kind of testimonials they have. Or you can even ask around and see if anyone you know has previously worked with a great general contractor in Charlotte.

10. They Have a Portfolio

By looking at a contractor’s portfolio, you can get an idea of the types and quality of work they are capable of. It is important to remember that the contractor’s portfolio should be their best work.

Because of this, it would be wise to request examples of their previous work to measure the quality and see if there is any consistency or room for improvement. You could also ask to see an example of great work that they did not include in their portfolio.

General Contractor in Charlotte, NC

No matter what your renovation needs are, choosing the right general contractor is essential, and Titan Restoration & Construction, serving Charlotte, NC, can be your best source. We also have the necessary insurance and bonding coverage if something goes wrong.

We provide solutions to our clients, from commercial to residential construction and everything in between.

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